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September 2011

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Project Stormos is the world’s first anti-platformer! It’s a fast-paced action platformer where part of the goal is to avoid touching the ground. Using the “air dash” ability, you can string together combos that can effectively take you through entire levels without ever touching the ground. Non-linear level designs let you carve your own path to the end goal. If you’ve managed to conquer the challenging campaign you can also create your own levels and challenge your friends with online gameplay.


Project Stormos actually began as a Game Maker game in Austin and Rob’s freshmen game development class. It received great reactions from students and professors, and is still shown incoming students as an example of what’s possible. We tried making other versions in engines like XNA until finally resting on Unity. Stormos has developed a small but devoted following, with players enjoying the game and making their own custom levels. There's still more to come for Project Stormos.


  • Insane aerial combos using the air dash ability.
  • Non-linear level designs making for amazing speed runs and secret paths.
  • In-game level editor that lets you easily build and share levels.
  • Online leader boards for high scores and time-trials.
  • Multiplayer-enabled campaign and level editor so you can build levels with friends.


Project Stormos : The Anti-Platformer YouTube

Project Stormos : Multiplayer Trailer YouTube


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      Project Stormos Credits

      Rob Storm

      Austin Roush

      Patrick Curry

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