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Jungle Compound feedbacks de-brief

Postby polybius » Mon Aug 13, 2018 7:29 pm

I'm looking for feedback on my first map. I've seen many of you play it, and I thought, what could I learn from this? I learned to listen to feedback and I changed the map according to feedback. But what else could i learn "layout wise" I've already seen how the official maps play and I feel some of them are lacking, but! what they lack in certain game aspects they make up in others. Cliffside makes up for its short rounds when you get an amazing 1v1 end round. Riverside makes up for its long tedious 1v1 end rounds with clever package layout. Mountainside is a good map but it stumbles horribly at the start of each round where Guards can easily pick intruders off at the ziplines even before making any ground, But it makes up for this problem is in its excellent main building layout. I love crawling through the vents and sneaking through the halls avoiding the main camera in the cubicle area. My map feels much the same now. It's complete, it feels fine to me, but I'm sure it has glaring problems somewhere even after I've tweaked the map many times. I'd like to know what everyone else thinks.

The map making process for me is like a formula or a dish at a restaurant. What I mean by that is: I carefully look at what each game element does in the whole of the project. While I was making JungleCompound I didn't worry about layout. Mostly because there is no set "perfect layout" in intruder, so there was nothing to "live up to" or to strive for. Mapping for cs:go is different, people already cherish popular designs so it's best to gear mapping similar to those simple layouts. I tend to map similar layouts to my favorite maps or favorite areas in maps. While I was mapping I really enjoyed the jutting geometry of cliffside that made ledge playing really risky but rewarding. I created the outer shape of the building with that in mind. I messed around with environment ideas. I liked the idea of waterfalls, I hadn't seen an intruder map with waterfalls. I tried it out for fun and I really liked it. Most of JungleComp. was experimentation. Now that it's completely finished, I find myself with not much to take away from the results. I noticed a few ideas, but most of these ideas are glaringly obvious. One of the first issues i had was engagement time Guards could simply break the windows and shred the intruders nearly instantly. I was surprised, confused, and disappointed that I hadn't accounted for that. I tweaked the windows and made them distinguishably darker as to show that you can't shoot to break them or shoot through them. This made guard rushes longer and more predictable, I was content with the solution and nobody else seemed to mind it.

Another problem I had encountered was the package room. It was awfully enclosed in the upstairs area. This made it nearly impossible to get to. I added vents for grenades and other methods of entering the package room. it helped make creative approaches towards getting the package for intruders while also balancing the gameplay further.

thats pretty much it! c: hope this wasn't too ranty

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