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Songs and Dances of Death

Postby HerrSchakal » Thu Jul 04, 2013 10:30 pm

Songs and Dances of Death - A Cycle by Modest Mussorgsky

Song 1 - Lullaby (1875) - "A mother cradles her sickening infant, who grows more feverish, then dies."

Song 2 - Serenade (1875) - "The figure of Death waits outside the window of a dying woman, in the manner of a wooing lover."

Song 3 - Trepak (1875) - "A drunken peasant stumbles outside into the snow, and becomes caught in a blizzard. As he perishes he dreams of summer fields."
Song 4 - The Field Marshal (1877) - "The figure of Death is depicted as an officer commanding the troops in battle, who asserts his enduring remembrance of them all."

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