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WMD - Classical or not..

Postby bloxri » Thu Jun 04, 2015 5:44 am


WMD has became one of my favorite artists. He expresses emotion with no words, much like classical music can do which is how I tie in this bullshit way of a connection to this category. Regardless, WMD is fairly young. Hes 19 now? His music in order is almost like listening to an audio book about someone you've never known. His music (most of it) tells a story somewhat. He started off producing chiptune music and I think is now just experimenting with ambient electronic. He is one of the only artists I can listen to without having to be in the mood for.

His album entitled "Sophrosyne" is about a rough breakup as gathered in the description.

"This is an album about loss.
This is an album about finding out that she doesn't love you back.
This is an album about the cold months
This is an album about hope
This is an album about losing it
This is an album "

Sophrosyne is a emotionally complex album filled with many songs that can come off sad but also happy. I think it really depends on how the listener develops the song within their head. The album also has some very happy songs which are just overall awesome.

WMD's album entitled "Jenny Llewellyn", which can only be assumed that this was his love, is an album about just that. Love.

"This is an album about nostalgia
This is an album about being in love
If you have the courage to die, you have the courage to live.
Thanks for being there"

This album I didn't listen that much but I still played it every so often. Its not that its not good, its just I was so caught up on Sophrosyne that I couldn't even fathom listening to a new album by him yet.

He then did a split with another artists called Yokai. These music styles clash into one awesome album which is free to download and is totally worth the bandwidth.
You can download it here.

Then there is a album called "Entelecheia" which I still havne't dived into enough to find the meaning behind this album. It seems happy and energetic yet has sluggish tempos to start off. Still a beautiful collection of songs and I recommend everything so far that I've posted

To end this thread, I'll talk about his latest album. Hes leaving for college soon as hes posted on his Facebook. He wanted to produce one more album before this major turning point in his life to come back and reflect on. Hes not done with making music but.. well, heres the description for his latest, self-titled album, "WMD"
"This is a turning point"

At this time, I think he is finally getting over that relationship. Hes ready to move on and his music provides this same sense that he is feeling. I encourage all of you to either buy his stuff and/or check out his older stuff too. I'm not a huge fan of the chiptune but the latest albums have been fantastic. I use this music to program, or relax to after a rough day.
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Re: WMD - Classical or not..

Postby campo87 » Wed Jun 17, 2015 5:08 am

Maybe not classic, since that is referring music in the European tradition during 1750 to around 1830; BUT! That doesn't make is music any less. WMD's music makes some good ambient music when I'm driving home/playing games/surfing the web and I respect him for that.

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