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Forum Organization

Postby tipsta » Thu May 30, 2013 8:22 pm

Hello! I recently joined after seeing the new video showcasing the 3D Voice Chat and I was eager to join the community! In said video it said you recently added the forums, and such I thought I'd give a couple suggestions on how to format the main/index/forum page. This is mostly directed towards the Admins, but feel free to make adjustments to how I chose to organize the site, or post your very own! (On a side note, I notice that the main site has a favicon, while the forums don't..)

Now I'll get to it...

Superboss Games
  • Intruder General - Talk about the game, strategies, make suggestions, ect.
  • Intruder Testers Hub - Private board for testers, report bugs, share thoughts, etc.
  • Project Stormos General - Discuss your experiences and share your creations!

Graphic Design & Mdeia
  • Intruder Gallery - Share with us! Post pictures, videos, and fan art Intruder related.
  • Personal Gallery - Show us your very own music, art and more right here.

  • General Chat - Talk about the news, have a debate, share music and videos.
  • Introductions - Tell everyone you've arrived and how cool you are!
  • Customer Service - Having issues with the site? Want to make a forum suggestion? This is the place!
  • Game Dev Hangout - Share the games you are designing, get help from other devs, and get feedback from the community.
  • Other Games - Freely Discuss other video games titles, upcoming releases, and organize play dates.
  • Spam - For the things that don't fit anywhere else! *Posts on this board do not contribute to post count*

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Re: Forum Organization

Postby HerrSchakal » Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:06 am

Seems logical enough :o

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