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The future is now. VR shooters are here!

Postby actionman » Tue Dec 09, 2014 3:45 am

I got to play "Zero Latency" / "Project Inversion" last Sunday... AND IT WAS AMAAAAAAZING.

You pick up a gun, put on a headset, and you're suddenly inside a virtual game world, free to walk around.
If you've ever played a game so much that you end up having dreams where you're inside the game -- this is the same thing, except awake (and costing you money...)
Full control over your avatar, full freedom to move.

It's hard to describe how genuinely this tricks your brain! Even though it's only 1080p/75Hz, and there's occasional framerate judder and imprecision in the positional tracking, and even though the playing area was only about 20m long... it still feels like a real place. There's virtual walls that you're able to walk right through, but your brain stops you because it doesn't feel right. I had my back to walls, leaning around through doorways, bending down to look under desks, all of which didn't exist!

To get around the fact that their playing area was only 20m long, they broke the levels up into pieces and had "turn" markers glowing on the floor. When you stood on these markers, your vision would fade out/in, and the whole world would be rotated.
If you were watching me, I'd just be walking back and forth in a 20m room, but in my memories, I was walking though 100m of industrial corridors!

The freedom of movement was great. They have friendly fire (like intruder), so to let my partner shoot from behind when in a tight bridge, I could drop down to one knee. When I got rushed by zombies in that position, I ended up on my arse with feet out the front, scrambling to push myself backwards while full-auto firing at the horde that are looming over me. When you could hear a room was occupied but didn't want to step in, you could just poke your gun around the corner and fire some bursts in there without exposing yourself. When I felt confident in defending my position, I could hold my SMG one-handed like Rambo, extending one arm gangsta style and spraying wildly, with the laser sight showing me I was somewhat pointing at head height.
When there were piles of corpses on the floor (even though they're not really there) you can't help but automatically step 'over' them :lol:
You could pick up new guns by reaching out and touching them with your existing gun -- e.g. I was holding a plastic MP5, which was an actual MP5 in game. When I found a UMP.45 on a table, I'd reach out as if to put the MP5 down on the table and it's model would change into a UMP. I was still holding the cheap plastic MP5 in real life, but in my vision it was now a UMP :D

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Re: The future is now. VR shooters are here!

Postby FleshyPig » Tue Dec 09, 2014 9:08 am

this is sick, i want this, NOOOOWWW

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