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My Largest Fail In C&C 3

Postby Crocidolite » Sun Nov 17, 2013 12:58 am

So, hey there! :)

I was bored, so I reinstalled C&C 3 + C&C 3 : Kane's Wrath, and decided to have a game vs 3 normal AI turtles. I was playing as the Scrin.
The game lasted roughly 27 minutes, It started with me in the top left corner. Eventually halfway through the game, I moved to the center so I had access to 4 internal Tiberium fields (Backwater Brawl map, if anybody here has played)
After a struggle, I think to myself, "Oh wait. The Mothership is slow, but so overpowered." while spawning a mothership.
I slowly move the mothership to the GDI base in the top right corner, POOF, one shot everything blows up in a chain reaction.
It slowly moves to the bottom right Nod Base, POOF, one shot, everything blows up (except a refinery, but there's a hostile rifleman squad at veteran level destroying it so I choose to leave it)
It slowly moves to the bottom left Scrin base, POOF, one shot, everything there blows up.
At this point, everything is defeated, but the enemy Scrin team I just blew up. Why? Because they built a tiny base right next to mine.
I slowly move the mothership towards the little outpost, thinking to myself "Hmm, I wonder if this thing can deal damage to my own buildings, probably just the AOE damage from the blasts." As I charge the blast.
"You are victorious!" as the enemy buildings explode.
"YES!" I think to myself, a few short seconds later, it chain reacts to the close Tiberium field, then to my harvesters, then to my refineries, then to my entire base which blows up like a box of fireworks.
And just for your entertainment, I have a clip of the replay that I recorded!

(Note, video has a delicious resolution due to the game forcing me to play in 1024x768, it completely jumps my resolution of 1360x768.)
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