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Semest by Silverfish, Autious & Seelia

Postby Silverfish » Mon Jul 15, 2013 8:21 pm

This is a game that me and two of my friends worked on last summer, I'm going to try finishing as much of the art as possible this summer so we hopefully will be able to get a finished demo someday!

In the game you are a kid called Semest and you'll be solving various simple puzzles and killing enemies. The game is inspired by game series such as Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda. The thing that is supposed to make our game stand out is that the main character is pulling around a ball and chain, but this curse might very well be used to his advantage as well. Aand we think it might create some cool gameplay. ;P

We initially wanted it to be a large game world where you unlock different things and talk to characters and so on, but after a working on it for a while and measuring how much time things take to create, we estimated that it would take around 2 years of full time development to create the game. And we don't have that.

So we're making this one level instead to at least make sure that our whole summer worth of work wasn't for nothing. :)

We are using Ogre to render the graphics, ODE for the physics and OpenAL for the sound. I make all the art in the game, I use Blender 3D to create the models, Substance Designer and Gimp for textures, and Ogitor to create the levels.

Here's the most recent video of the project that was recorded last summer:

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