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Postby savagesammich » Tue Aug 12, 2014 7:48 pm

Someone please make this: a game where you play as a tmnt guy, but without the weapons or bands or belts or pads and other crap. The main game mechanic should be that when you press a key your body ragdolls for a split second and then your limbs and head get sucked into your shell. It should be a free roam game with tons of things to do so you won't get bored easily. Thank you ahead of time to anyone who accepts this task and is willing to try.
P.S. Whoever does make this first, I would appreciate if you could put a link to the website where people could download the test versions, and I would also be thrilled if you could focus on the first version having the shell mechanic. Thanks ahead of time for you comments, suggestions, and opinions.

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