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Hgs ugly colour coded lost source C++ minesweepers clone

Postby hg341 » Sat Apr 12, 2014 3:07 am

Hey Guys just throwing this out there. sorry i dont have the source. ive got some random pictures i used to show it off on reddit-gamedev on freenode


I was pretty excited that i got my mine and number layer to work P:


The top "cover" layer is in fourths because i was havent problems with the layers being fliped 90 degrees


testing a grid like effect


testing new colours :I they were worse than what i had at first


new colours again i thought theses looked decent


went back to the old colours and added a mouse indicator block removed the grid because it was causing a massive drop in frame rate

Heres the download ...

Edit i had the wrong download link sorry lol.

again im sorry i dont have the source but i promise theres no virus P:

Im currently trying to relearn java and im going to try and remake this but im going to use this tile set which i made

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