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map design

Postby tangowhisky02 » Tue Dec 17, 2013 7:11 pm

Hello guys i am asking you what would make a nice multiplayer map for my FPS called warborn i would love some images. I am wondering what maps should be in it. It is still in very early development but to fill you in on the basics. It will be a multiplayer FPS, it will have two styles of gamemodes (names are undecided) one classic FPS run and gun you know what i mean and one sort of intuder, arkham origins and splinter cell style mercs vs spies style stealthy mode. I am already thinking about a city map and maybe an operation firestorm industrial warehouse / generator map. Another idea i had is this from BO2 which was a marvelous idea not so much for stealth but you could have so much fun with the RC car on the ramps F.Y.I this was at a friends house so i cannot remember much detail. ... e-Drop.jpg

I also loved the studio map because it had all the crazy enviroments from a space invaded town to a castle. ... dlc2-1.jpg ... ertigo.jpg
generally all the DLC maps i loved be sure to check them out ... 624163.jpg
trevor from GTA V is my rolemodel

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